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‘Please help’: Toronto councillors moved by tenant stories, but they’ll be demovicted anyway

by Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Sun., April 23, 2023

Excerpt: "Some have lived there for decades, seniors on fixed incomes who want to “age out in place.” Others — younger professionals mostly — had secured this toehold of reasonable rents in a city without pity for tenants more recently, almost like winning a lottery. All told of a wonderful community spirit among neighbours, a solid building that’s always been well-maintained, a home they loved, with the convenience of nearby services — hospitals, stores, restaurants, many amenities — and within walking proximity to five subway stations.

Surely it’s counter-intuitive that Toronto would allow the demolishing of any rental stock: A metropolis where rents have skyrocketed astronomically — the average list price for a one-bedroom edged up another 1.8 per cent in January, hitting $2,501, as per a report by — and where the vacancy rate for a one-bedroom, according to annual CMHC data, sat at 0.9 per cent as of last October.

Yet 25 St. Mary Street, a ’60s-era 24-storey rental building of 259 apartments near the intersection of Bay and Bloor Streets, is undoubtedly coming down, to be replaced by a massive condo redevelopment project — twin towers soaring 54 and 59 storeys high. The proposal by owner Tenblock was approved by the community council and now needs only formal sign-off when it comes before full Toronto Council in a few weeks." Read now:

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