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Tenants deserve secure housing, and should not be forced to shoulder the financial burden of development— if developers were to pay the TRUE COST of their projects, they wouldn’t be as financially lucrative for corporate landlords.

APRIL 17TH, 2024

We need your support immediately! A motion is set to be voted on by Toronto City Council on Thursday, April 18th, which, if passed, will ensure demovicted tenants are adequately compensated during displacement.


But despite strong City Councillor and tenant support, developers do not want this passed. 

Support tenants today by sending an email to city councillors, urging them to vote YES on this motion:

Copy our pre-written email outline and provided City Councillor emails and write your own email! We highly encourage you to add your own personal experiences and why this matters to YOU!

How you can support us:

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We are asking for a moratorium on demovictions in Ontario. Until the impact of the over 100 buildings being demovicted (and counting) has been evaluated to better understand the impact that displacement will have on communities, tenants, and Toronto’s housing, we are calling for a *moratorium on all demoviction applications*. This includes all applications that are pre-construction, including those that have been approved by City Council.

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