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We are a collective of Tenant Associations from across Ontario.

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July 29th Protest at 48 Grenoble Drive and the Ontario Science Centre

FMTA began bring tenant associations together who were facing demovictions in February 2023. The group began organizing in hopes of learning from one another's experiences and finding solutions to the irreversible damage being done to the stock of affordable housing in Toronto.

The three founding buildings were 25 St. Mary Street, 55 Brownlow Avenue, and 145 St. George Street. The group continues to grow as new buildings facing demoviction join our fight against unjust displacement.

There are currently over 100 buildings in Toronto currently facing demovictions, representing almost 10,000 people. 

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Almost 100 buildings in Toronto are currently being demovicted.

Tenant Associations we work with include:

- 55 Brownlow Avenue
- 25 St. Mary Street
- 145 St. George

- 88 Isabella 
- 48 Grenoble Drive
- 135 Isabella Street 
- 220 Lake Promenade

Building pages are coming soon.

Are you a building being demovicted?
Please reach out to and include your building, the number of units, and how far along you are in the process.


Google Map of the 73 demoviction application in Toronto.

We support tenants by:

  • Building a strong and effective tenants’ association and inform tenants about their rights and how to navigate the process.

  • We all have our own lived experiences and learned A LOT over the months, and can help you make informed decisions about your next steps.

  • When/if your building goes in front of Toronto City council, we will help you prepare/depute on any issues you want us to speak to.

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We advocate for policy and legislation changes. We do this through:

  • Meeting with key stakeholders to build support and advocate for change.

  • Tracking and monitoring municipal, provincial, and federal policy/legislative initiatives related to demovictions and tenant rights.

  • Writing suggestions for policy changes informed by tenant experiences with demovictions.

We are not anti-density or anti-development.

We support the need to build more housing density to accommodate a growing population. We welcome our new neighbours and will continue to support responsible development. However, at a time when we need more housing, not less, it is vital to grow rather than destroy the stock of affordable housing. While in many cases demovictions will build more units in the re-development, it is also removing up to 5,000 units of housing at the same time. With a vacancy rate of 1.7%, tenants are being displaced and forced to fight their neighbours for a very limited number of rental units in their price range. 

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