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Toronto Star: ‘It’s the number one issue for us’: Why renters could be a force in deciding Toronto’s

by Victoria Gibson and May Warren, May 22, 2023

Excerpt: A developers recent proposal to tear down their building for a few condo may have foiled their plans. If they have to leave, there are few affordable options for them to stay in the area. And they'll be taking their frustration to the ballot box. "I haven't cared much about an election that I can remember at the municipal election.", Blackwell, a 39-year-old public servant, said of Toronto's mayoral race. "It's the number one issue for us." The couple is among a growing population of renters in the city who observers say could play a crucial role in deciding who takes over as its next mayor - spurred by angst over ever-rising rents and the threat of evictions and displacements.

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