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240 units approved for demolition at Toronto East York Community Council.

Despite desperate pleas from tenants who were eager to keep their affordable, rent-controlled homes in the middle of a housing crisis, Toronto East York Community Council voted to demolish another 240 units.

The rampant disintegration of our community must be stopped. The city of Toronto is going through so much upheaval. Too many proposals to erect more buildings denying us green spaces and making housing worse than unaffordable! They're making it impossible!

- Yesica L.


There are almost 100 buildings in Toronto that are set to be demolished and redeveloped into condominiums.

We need to build more housing. But demolishing the existing (and limited) stock of affordable housing is only going to make life less affordable for everyone.

Construction and demolition waste account for a staggering 40% of today’s landfills, and experts estimate that Ontario will exceed landfill capacity by 2032. 

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Cancer survivor Annette Trevorrow loves her home in downtown Toronto.

Trevorrow is one of thousands of tenants across Toronto facing what is known as “demoviction” and is worried about her future and where she’ll live.


“It’s all so overwhelming. … 40-50% of our building is elderly tenants and, like me, they’re all terrified.”


We are not alone.

People across Ontario are being displaced from their homes due to a rise in demovictions and renovictions.

This practice, although justified as one of the only means of building more housing, destroys the stock of affordable housing and displaces lower income tenants who are unable to afford skyrocketing rent rates.

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