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Janes Walk: Community and Tenant Organizers Lead Walks in Toronto

Since 2007, volunteers who are inspired by Jane Jacobs have led walking tours in, about, and for Toronto and the people who live here. It is an annual festival of free, community-led walking conversations on the first weekend of May every year.

For 2024 Janes Walks, No Demovictions along with other tenant organizers are reflecting on city-building, discussing displacement, and highlighting successful housing activism. Alongside our advocacy to the government, we are working to share why we love our communities, will celebrate our buildings before they’re demolished, and share ways that you can advocate for a community-driven approach to development.


No Demovictions Walks:

'Apartment Living in the Annex: The Joys of Cliff Dwelling'

Hosted by: Rebecca Gimmi, Charlotte Mickie

As we re-imagine this corner of the Annex together, you’ll meet residents and special guests, discover the oldest functioning apartment house in Toronto, and share the architectural glories and human wealth offered by mid-century modern St George Street. The building pictured on the left is 145 St. George, a purpose-built rental building that is set to be demolished.

Sunday, May 5th at 2pm

'No Demovictions Walk St. Mary Community'

Hosted by: Annette Trevorrow-Gasher

They will be demolishing this 24 story purpose built rental building. It is the largest structurally sound, fully occupied, high-rise in the history of the City Of Toronto to be demovicted. We would like to share the beauty of the community, not only in the building, but in the surrounding area and how accessible all the amenities are too, our seniors and those with mobility issues.


Other Tenant and Housing Advocates Walks

6PM - 6:45PM; 7PM - 7:45PM

3PM - 3:45PM; 5PM - 5:45PM

'Bridging Futures: Exploring Housing Affordability and Community in Regent Park'

Hosted by: Walied Khogali Ali, Ismail Afrah and Shana Omar

Join us for an enlightening walking tour of Regent Park, where we delve into the heart of Toronto’s housing crisis and explore groundbreaking solutions that challenge traditional market-driven approaches. This tour, titled "Bridging Futures: Exploring Housing Affordability and Community in Regent Park," is designed to ignite passion and action towards understanding and solving the housing affordability issues facing one of Toronto’s most diverse neighborhoods

11AM - 12:30PM

Sunday, May 5th 11AM - 12:30PM

'How To Save A Chinatown'

Hosted by: Chiyi Tam

See West Chinatown through the lens of the newly established Toronto Chinatown Land Trust. We will stop at sites that represent historical and current battlegrounds of anti-displacement. You will learn about different generations of tactics that neighbourhood organizers and workers employed to ‘Save Chinatown’ along with histories of how this Chinatown came to be. 

Learn more:

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